About Us

Southern Procurement Services, a SCZ Group company, opens a path in the strengthening of the oil, gas and mining industry. The fundamental principle, which identifies us and sets standards in what we do is: “Integral Solutions for the Industry”, a premise that includes, rather than offering a service or selling a team, is to verify the reality that exists in each operational field, to do the best design, adapted to the commercialization strategies according to our clients needs. This allows us to give integral answers for the increase and the optimization of the production.


Ensure our customers in a integral way the supply of quality products and services, with the highest technology in oil, gas, petrochemical, mining and metallurgical industry, which characterizes us as a leading company in these areas.


Expand our products and services throughout the oil, gas, petrochemical, industrial, mining and metallurgical markets, as well as continue to offer the highest quality, reliability, experience, innovation and commitment, all the products and services we have sets us apart from other companies.


1. We work tirelessly.

2. Our communication is successful.

3. Human talent has passion and commitment.

4. We are ethical in the way we act.

5. Our goal is innovation and excellency.

6. Consistency and responsibility is the result.

7. Solidarity and teamwork characterize us.