Southern Procurement Services (SPS) executes the third Electro-Submersible-Pump-equipment supply


Southern Procurement Services (SPS) executes the third Electro-Submersible-Pump equipment supply

(20-07-2018, SPS Press).- In order to improve oil production in Latin America, Southern Procurement Services (SPS) executes the third Electro submersible pump equipment acquisitions, power cables, Variable speed drivers and electrical transformers which are from Russia, Ukraine, Argentina and China, to Ali Primera Harbor, located in Zulia Estate.

SPS logistic manager in Valencia, Sheily Segovia, informed that all materials dispatched are focused on the oilfield optimization and oil production increase in South America. Russian Pumps are based on technology world wild recognized, as well as the Systems that are developed for Electro submersible equipment, designed for artificial oil well lift.


On the other hand, Variable speed drivers are devices (VSDs) used to regulate the speed and rotation strength of a constant speed induction motor.  So that the application of the VSDs allows the motor to respond to the flow rate changed need, and therefore directly transforms this potential into energy savings.

SPS offers the necessary support to the oil industry trough this equipment, enabling the ESP equipment’s’ highly reliable accurate installation, as well as contributing with reductions in operating cots.