SPS develops group activities in “Campo Urdaneta” In order to increase oil production.

Increase oil production

SPS develops group activities in “Campo Urdaneta” In order to increase oil production

Western Services’ Director of Southern Procurement Services expressed that; among the tasks that are being executed in the region, the oilfield stimulation stands out, so the production can be optimized, also the replacement of Electric Submersible equipment

(1-08-2018. SPS press). – Southern Procurement Services (SPS) executes activities in “Campo Urdaneta”, focused in the management, drainage’s improvement of efficiency and integrated studies of oilfields so that the oil production may be increased.

Western Services’ Director of SPS, Frank Alfonzo, asserted that they are working on the oilfields stimulation through the acid frac in alliance with Halliburton, and activities in oilfields with highly production potential are being done as well, all this with the intention to increase the oil drainage. This procedure allows an increase of the porosity, permeability and production capacity.

Increase oil production

In like manner, Alfonzo explained that Thanks to the commercial arragements with Russians from the Rimera Alnas group, in “Campo Urdaneta” the electric submersible equipment assembly is being worked on, as part of the oilfield reactivation labor.

The substitution includes the surface equipment, transformers, redactors, elevators, frequency inverters and the Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) alongside with the power cables.

Technology Transfer

“One of the main values of SPS as an organization is the technology transfer” Frank Alfonzo ensured.

He also added that Southern Procurement Services promises that the knowledge and the technology management will be only on clients with a long path in the petroleum area.