Meet the new tool to track methane emissions presented by the AIE

Menthane tracker

The methane tracker is the newest tool presented by the IEA. This helps reduce gas emissions to the atmosphere

The International Energy Agency showed its newest tool that serves to trace methane sources, in relation to oil and natural gas. This device offers a complete global image of the emission of this material into the environment.

The concentration of methane in the atmosphere has increased almost double compared to the pre-industrial era.

Natural gas represents more than half of the world’s energy demand. The United States and China are the largest producers of this material, accounting for 70% of its production. This results in high global CO2 emissions.

The methane tracker works with high technology, emits a light on the component and determines the different results. Finally, the IEA performs the analyzes and indicates that methane gas emissions, propagated by oil and natural gas, can be reduced halfway.

This initiative invites the energy sector to reduce its methane production. This tracker allows to make a more compelte study and thus to reduce CO2 in the environment. Up to 1.2 million tons, according to statistics released by the IEA. That is, taking into account the same climate benefit if the emissions of half of the cars in the world are removed.


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