Meet the new tool to track methane emissions presented by the AIE

Menthane tracker

The methane tracker is the newest tool presented by the IEA. This helps reduce gas emissions to the atmosphere The International Energy Agency showed its newest tool that serves to trace methane sources, in relation to oil and natural gas. This device offers a complete global image of the emission of this material into the […]

Demand for natural gas will continue to grow in the next five years

Natural gas

Asian countries are the main contributors of the increase in demand for natural gas. This is because China is the principal consumer of this material, counting with 40% of its increment Natural gas helps reduce environmental pollution and CO2 emissions. This material can easily move oil and coal as an energy fuel. It contributes to […]

World oil demand will have a recovery margin of 1.2 mb/d in 2019 to 1.4 mb/d in 2020, according to the AIE

Oil demand

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, believes that oil demand growth will rebound to 3.4% in 2020, provided that trade disputes are resolved and confidence rebuilds The OECD sees global GDP growth rebounding to 3.4% in 2020, assuming that trade disputes are resolved and confidence rebuilds. In 2Q19, we see a growth in global […]

Reduction of the methane emission in the oil sector could be developed economically profitable


Reducing the emissions of methane is a powerful and cost-effective way to act, and provides an essential complement to action of reducing CO2, according to the International Energy Agency Oil and natural gas will be part of the energy system for decades to come – even under ambitious efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in […]

Southern Procurement Services, a comprehensive solution for the hydrocarbons industry

Born as a result of the vision and entrepreneurship of a group of young people. SPS has quickly become a company oriented towards the needs of its customers in the areas of engineering, construction, and supply of equipment and materials for hydrocarbons industry (petrochemical, gas, and mining industrial areas). Its proven experience guarantees integral quality […]

How investors can take advantage of Natural Gas

Natural gas

One important reason why natural gas is an important inversion is because its versatile usage as a fuel. When investing in Natural Gas, the best strategy is to invest in an ample found of raw materials index Natural gas industry reached its highest level in winter. While cold months are coming to an end, the […]

Oil and gas technology tendencies and why it should matter to you

Oil and gas

Advances and researches have made easier the development of new inventions in oil mining in crucial sectors as geologic, mining, telecommunication and medical attention research in the industry of oil mining Technology is a great resource in contemporary world and is useful to help solving critic problems in generating energy sector. Oil and gas industry […]

Gas Dehydration, the second phase for natural gas treatment

Gas Dehydration

Gas Dehydration, the second phase for natural gas treatment  Water or steam content, as well as condensable hydrocarbons, suggest unfavorable conditions for gas transporting Gas dehydration consists of water extraction which is associated with its steam and free form. This process corresponds to the second phase of its treatment. In first instance, the hydrocarbon extracted […]

Gas sweetening as an environment-friendly process

gas sweetening plant

Gas sweetening as an environment-friendly process This natural resource without being treated contains great amounts of toxic components so that is must pass through a series of chemical treatment to eliminate said components Gas sweetening is a process which consists of eliminating toxic elements from the gas extracted from the ground, so that it could […]