Complete electric submersible centrifugal pumping systems (A-ESP)

Complete electric submersible centrifugal pumping systems (A-ESP)

ALNAS designs and manufactures complete electric centrifugal pumping systems for oil recovery (A-ESPs), including:

    • Submersible centrifugal pump (including check and bleed valve, pump modules, intake module and bottom module (as requested).
    • Slurry trap (as requested).
    • Gas separator (as requested; no intake module if the ESPs is completed with a gas separator with intake screen).
    • Slotted fi lter – SF intake module (as requested; no intake module if the ESPs is completed with the slotted fi lter).
    • Hydroprotector.
    • Submersible electric motor.
    • Cable line. Surface electric equipment (control system, transformer and other).
    • Telemetry systems.
    • Tools and accessories.
    • Spare parts.

    The state-of-the-art A-ESP systems have been developed by the leading Russian and CIS institutes. A-ESP design is based on the world-level technology and the materials are pecifi cally developed for submersible equipment, which are also used in the military and space engineering.

    10 to 1375 m3 /day of fl uid can be lifted by ALNAS pumping systems from depth of up to 3600 m. The pumping systems are available in a variety of confi gurations and adaptable to any well.

The longer run life of our pumps is ensured when operated under the following conditions of formation fl uid (mixed oil, associated water and oil gas):

  • Water cut, max, % – 99.
  • PH value- 5,0-8,5. Specifi c gravity, max, кg/m3 – 1400.
  • Single-phase fl uid kinematic viscosity to ensure stable pump operation free of the head and effi ciency changes, max., mm2/c – 1.
  • Mechanical impurities concentration for pumps, g/l (%), max:
    • Corrosion-resistant design-0,2(0,02)
    • Wear-resistantandcorrosion-and-wear-resistantdesign-0,5(0,05)
    • Improvedcorrosion-and-wear-resistantdesign–1,0(0,10)
    • ESPscompletedwithafinefilter-3,0(0,30)
  • Hardness on the Moh’s scale for pumps
    • Of standard, corrosion-resistant design – 5.
    • Of improved corrosion-and-wear-resistant, wear-resistant, corrosion-and-wear-resistant design – 7.
  • Free gas at pump intake per volume, max – 25%;
    • Gas separator included in the ESPs – 55%.
    • Gas separator–dispenser included in the ESPs– 65%.
    • Intake dispenser module included in the ESPs – 30%.
  • H2S content for pumps, g/l (%), max:
    • Standard and wear-resistant design – 0,01(0,001%).
    • Corrosion-resistant, corrosion-and-wear-resistant, improved corrosion-and-wear-resistant design – 1,25 (0,125).
  • Pumped-out fluid temperature, max, 150 °C.
  • Hydrostatic pressure at pump setting depth, max, MPa – 40.
  • Corrosive components, no more than: СО2-0,15 g/l, НСО3-1 g/l, Cl -20 g/l, Ca2+ -2 g/l (applying pumps of improved corrosion-and-wear-resistant, corrosion-and-wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant design).

To get the maximum efficiency, the ESP equipped well shall meet the following requirements
The rate of hole deviation changes hall not exceed 2°per 10m, and in the pump setting depth it is determined by the following formula:
S-clearance between the casing string ID and max ESP OD.
L-the ESP length from the bottom face to the fishing head upper face, m.

Electric submersible pumps (A-ESP)

Electric submersible pumps (A-ESP)

ALNAS (А-ESP) electric centrifugal submersible pumps are suitable for applications in the production of oil and water injection systems. ALNAS produces and offers series D, S, M, L centrifugal submersible pumps with capacity from 10 to 1375 m3 / day and head up to 3600 m. Due to a wide range of pumps, suitable equipment can be selected for any type of operating conditions.

ALNAS pumps are designed in a modular way and consist of intake manifold (with fishing head for union of the pipe), half pump sections, gas separator, check valves and purge. Check valves to ensure leaktightness allowing a customer to take the pipe pressure test. They can make the check valves plate or ball type as ordered.

The intake module can be made in conjunction with the pump section to reduce the number of joints; In this case the lower section with holes for the fluid intake is included with the pump.

The grooved filter – SF input module is suitable for applications with submersible pumps for ingesting fl uid formation and separation of solids, the cross section of the particles being more than 0.1 or 0.2 mm.

At high content of free gas in formation fluid, the pump is completed with a gas separator. A gas separator shall be made with no intake holes if the SF intake module is included to pump.

The impeller and diffuser materials have been developed by the leading specialized engineering institutes:

  • Inoculated cast iron (standard ESP).
  • Inoculated cast iron of improved wear-resistance (wear-resistant ESP).
  • Ni-resist iron (corrosion-resistant ESP C, corrosion-and-wear-resistant ESP CW).
  • Ni-resist cold pig iron, hardness up to 240 HB (improved corrosion-resistant ESP).
  • Polymer materials with special extenders (23…ESP C,CW); impellers made of polymer, diffusers – composite (with polymer channels) or wholly metallic.

High-strength and high-precision pump shafts of stainless steel
or K-Monel alloy are made-to-order.
Different material application and design allows supplying pumps of high heat -, corrosion- and wear- resistance.