Gas Compressors

Gas Compressors

The Gas Compressors in the area of Compressor Technology offers single and complete systems solutions for all areas of the natural gas industry, chemicals, petrochemicals and energy engineering. As an authorized Ariel sales partner and package representative, we plan, deliver and install customized compressor facilities. The spectrum starts with mobile skids for use in gas-fields and ends with multiple-stage, multi-megawatt giant compressor stations for underground storage facilities or pipeline networks, and includes everything in between.

In addition we also handle long-term after-sales service, such as spare parts delivery, maintenance, service work, consulting and carrying out conversion works.

Our team of employees is made up of experienced designers, process and electrical engineers, project supervisors and service specialists and they assure smooth execution during the project phases. The majority of the workers has been active in the worldwide compressor business for more than a decade and thus guarantees the most reliable facilities engineering and project execution in every respect.


Áreas of desing:
  • Underground natural gas storage facilities
  • Gathering stations
  • Gas pre-pressurization compressors for power plant applications
  • Transport compressors (pipeline applications)
  • CNG / biogas compressor facilities.
  • Chemical and petrol-chemicals.
  • Air compressors.


Additional core activities include:
  • Process layout calculations.
  • Stress analyses and strength testing of pipeline systems.
  • Working with public authorities, e.g. permitting processes and safety analyses.
  • Plant, system start-up of older plants.
  • Studies related to the planning field, assessment of facilities and pipeline systems.
  • Electrical, measurement, and control engineering for the planned plant systems.
  • Drawing up and assessing lists of requirements and specifications.
  • Material lists and cost calculation estimates.
  • Flow charts, pipe plans and instrumentation plans.
  • Facilities and pipe plans of every type in 2D or 3D perspectives.
  • Planning of construction activities, from the first initial designs to commissioning and documentation.