Y-Tools for ESP Systems

Y-Tools for ESP Systems


Y-Tools for modular modular ESP systems are the next generation of Y-Tools technology, with a unique flexible design that offers all the advantages of the Y-Tools application, maximizing the value of your investment.


  • Wireline or coiled tubing intervention below the ESP.
  • Multiple ESPs in parallel or series.
  • ESP back-up systems.
  • Onshore and offshore wells.
  • Subsea or deepwater production.


  • Reduces workover expenses by enabling reservoir evaluation and intervention without removing the ESP.
  • Increases up-time by enabling the use of multiple ESPs as back-up, minimizing deferred oil production.
  • Increases production by enabling the use of ESPs in series and reducing the HP requirement by ESP.
  • Lowers costs using a repairable design with high re-run rate.


  • Repairable.
  • High re-run rate.
  • Easy field disassembly, inspection and test.
  • Available in various metallurgies.
  • First non-cast Y-Tool