SPS offered a seminar at Simon Bolivar University in pursuit of Geophysics students’ academic development

USB seminar

SPS offered a seminar at Simon Bolivar University (USB) in pursuit of Geophysics students’ academic development

SPS expert geologist, Eudis Alcalá, was in charge of explaining to Geophysics Engineering students, all about the sedimentary environments from clastic origin

(03-12-2018. SPS PRESS).- In pursuit of the academic development of students from careers related to the oil industry, Southern Procurement Services (SPS) participated in “A Geophysics Day” seminar, in its fourth edition organized by Simon Bolivar University.

Thus, the main objective of this activity, in which SPS was invited to participate, is to offer future engineers “Fundamental knowledge and a suitable rapprochement to highly qualified personnel in different areas of geology”, according to organizing committee.

USB seminar
Eudis Alcalá, Geólogo Sénior del equipo de Geociencias de SPS. Foto: Prensa SPS

Hence, SPS joined this valuable endeavor with Geologist Eudis Alcalá’s participation, who has a trajectory of more than 15 years of experience in the field and is currently working in SPS Geoscience team as a Senior Geologist.

Furthermore, The topic explained by SPs was sedimentary environment from clastic origin, convenient topic to discover deposits sequence and its importance for the hydrocarbon industry.

Meanwhile, The Geologist manifested himself pleased with the interaction of students and was willing to help them with their questions on the subject. “this sort of activities, which allow direct interaction with students are important for supporting their academic development”. Alcalá commented.

USB seminar
during his presentation the geologyst described the sequency of deposits and its importance for the hydrocarbon industry. Foto: SPS press.

USB Geophysics Engineering Student’s Body President, David Marval, thanked SPS participation and encouraged the company to keep on boosting Engineering students’ academic development.

“As part of the career week, we give thanks to SPS for the opening presentation and we would like to invite them to future events of this nature for keeping supporting us”, Marval emphasized.

Finally, Manuel Chinchilla, Southern Procurement Services’ CEO, also highlighted the value of this sort of workshops to become aware and attend this generation’s doubts in favor of their academic development.