Southern Procurement Services is now a certificated supplier in Petroperu

Thanks to a previous membership agreement with Archilles

Southern Procurement Services is now a certificated supplier in Petroperu

SPS strengthen their commitments to provide fundamental solutions in oil and gas field through this recognition, so it can support their subsidiaries companies, such as Petroperu and the rest of companies in Latin America

(SPS Press Posted on 27 February 2018). Succeeding expansion goals set in Latin America, SPS is now officially a certificated supplier in Petroperu Inca oil company, which guarantee a clear operational opportunity of innovating solutions in the oil and gas industry in the region.

Such agreement was done after a full SPS participation in a bidding process with Petroperu, followed by a formal invitation to work as a  certificated supplier in the company, through a membership agreement signed with British company Achilles besides Siclar community.

Siclar is a platform for 25 buyers and more than 3900 providers in the oil and gas industry. It is located in the United Kingdom and it has around 1000 collaborators in 29 countries. This company provides accurate and safe information of current and potential suppliers to online buyer companies, according to set standards in oil and gas sector.

For being accepted in this system, Southern Procurement Services was under a hard evaluation process done by quality control auditors, where detail financial information, management system operations, and trajectory were investigated and later analyzed, among other aspects.

This system is part of a highly recognized oil and gas sector, such as YPF, Weatherford, Geopark, Sinopec and Total Energy, among others.

SPS headboard is satisfied with the new membership, mainly because it opens new opportunity of participating in the services process and ”develops a better connection with the buyers, now that many well-known oil and gas companies are involved, which makes it easier to select functional solutions when it comes to obtaining them, making everything more clear and efficient ”

Southern Procurement Services members showed appreciation to Archilles, for playing a key role in the evaluation and previous certification of SPS’ activities, granting them as a solid company with a strong trajectory in oil and gas services.Plus, SPS strengthen their commitment to continue providing high services and solutions to the oil and gas companies subsidiaries, such as Petroperu and many others of their clients in Latin America.