Southern Procurement Services signs a commercial alliance with Most Oil Corporation 

With Oil equipment supply angle

Southern Procurement Services signs a commercial alliance with Most Oil Corporation 

Southern Procurement Services and the Canadian company staff were pleased with the opportunities this agreement brings to the production increasing for SPS clients in Latin America. 

Posted on 07 March 2018.- Southern Procurement Services (SPS), signed an agreement with the Canadian company Most Oil Corporation, aiming to supply the market with equipment and devices for the production increase of each client in SPS in the whole region, their goal is to optimize their services in Latin America.

This arrangement will ease the process of high technology equipment acquisition for oil production, which allows reducing cost and has longer life length, so it can improve productivity and conditions of the wells of each company.

The meeting had the participation of executive chief of Most Oil Company, alongside headboard of SPS, who were satisfied with the seal of this important agreement.

“We manufacture our own product all over Canada and all the US. And we manufacture all the services equipment, so everything that uses crude production lift, so wether is PCP or any other raw lift application, like a pipe plumbing or a high hydro plumbing unit, we manufacture and provide them” Stated Mr. Mohammed, who declare it was very important for each SPS client to have the best and high technologic equipment for crude lifting.

“So we have a product with that actually improve the life of equipment if It can delay that for three times more than others, so you won’t have to expend thousands, ending in more productivity, reduce costs,” explained Mohammed.

Most Oil is an important Canadian company specialized in artificial lifting construction and supply. It has more than 15 years on the market, gaining huge experience and technology development which leads to production increasing and operating costs cuts.

“We specialized in all oils, in everything that needs raw applications or every pumping device, no matter if it is light, heavy or extra heavy crude.” expressed Most energy CEO.

Finally, SPS board and Most Energy CEO showed their intentions in taking this commercial agreement as the first step to a beneficial and long-term business relationship.

“A relationship must be based on trust, that’s the most important part, if you have a good relationship means you trust each other, and from our expectations is to be able to grow in business together, we see the good side, we see the advantage of SPS in the market and we want to use that on our benefit along with them” concluded Mohammed.