SPS exposes its experience in the oil industry during FICTEC 2018


SPS exposes its experience in the oil industry during FICTEC 2018

Students, children, industry workers, and general public visited SPS’ stand, in order to find out details about the services it offers

(02-12-2018, SPS Press).- Within the International Science and Technology Fair (FICTEC in its Spanish acronym), which was celebrated from November 30th to December 2nd, Southern Procurement Services (SPS) exposed its potentialities in the oil industry.

Industry professionals, suppliers from petrochemical, industrial, hydrocarbons, mining, exportation and technological areas, as well as general public, visited SPS’ stand within petroleum and petrochemical axis so that they would know the products and services it offers to its clients in order to impulse crude oil production increase.

Students from related careers also took advantage of the fair to interact with SPS’ technical personnel, who oriented young people about reservoir’s geology, oil-production systems, surface facilities such as flow stations, gas-compressing systems, and crude oil treatment plans.

Further explanations about specialized work developed in order to maintain or increased crude oil production in different oilfields, in which SPS provides services, were given.

Besides petroleum and petrochemical axis, education, telecommunications, embassies, robotics, security and defense, agribusiness and blockchain were also part of the topics exposed.

It is worth highlighting that, aside from its labors outside Latin-American, SPS works on new projects to keep on supporting Venezuela’s oil industry strengthening and maintains its presence throughout this country’s geography.