SPS increases production in Rosneft subsidiary from 3.800 to 7.000 bpd


Latin America

SPS increases production in Rosneft subsidiary from 3,800 to 7,000 bpd

Gross production is expected to rise to a peak by adding up two new wells on cluster, reaching 10 thousand bpd

(14-05-2018, SPS Press) .- Aiming to raise gross production levels in Latin America, Southern Procurement Services installed a 12-inches pipeline connected to 30 inches head pipeline, optimizing crude fluid.

This project was carried out with high qualified SPS operations, consisted of the migration of seven wells productions to collection oil pipelines that allow oil flow optimally, making the most of the gross production potential in the reservoirs.

SPS incrementa producción de petróleo
High qualified SPS staff met the delivery deadline. Picture: SPS PRESS

“Before these, the wells were producing between 3,700 and 3,800 barrels per day, and with this new SPS system, it could increase production to 7 thousand barrels per day of oil,” explained Micke Chávez, engineer and director of SPS East Services operations.

Chávez added that in this new phase is being done under more than two weel reactivation on clusters, which could reach a higher production, even more, taking it to 10 thousand barrels per day of crude oil.

Chavez also stated that this achievement was possible thanks to the support of SPS highly qualified team, which made it possible to meet the delivery deadline and continued providing integrated solutions in Rosneft subsidiary. one of their clients.

SPS incrementa producción de petróleo
The new system allows an optimal gross fluid. Photo: SPS PRESS

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