SPS installed sensor

 In the Orinoco Oil Belt

SPS installed sensor line for thinner

In order to continue offering integral solutions for the oil industry, Southern Procurement Services (SPS), the installation of a pipeline for crude diluent in the Field Bare, located in the Ayacucho of the Orinoco Oil Belt.

The installation of the sensor for Cross Copling grammagrafia, Canon, will reduce the viscosity of crude in the 14 boards of suction of gas and oil, to achieve a better ride with the purpose of optimising the production of crude oil in the well MFM 32.

This activity is carried out through the contract San Tome that signed SPS with Petróleos de Venezuela (Pdvsa), which specifies the layout of the sensors in production lines of 5.5 inches, of 1,315 inches, in addition to the respective sensor cable ¼ of an inch.

With these works of adequacy, SPS once more demonstrates not only the verification of the operability in field, but the quality of service in every nation where it has a presence.