SPS staff is highly instructed on H2S protection techniques by specialized paramedics

For every member of the staff in operational areas

SPS staff is highly instructed on H2S protection techniques by specialized paramedics

The workshop provided knowledge of techniques to prevent and control possible incidents due to gas exposure

(SPS Press, 03-23-2018).- A workshop about proper H2S use was given by Occupational Safety & Industrial Hygiene team (OSHA) in Southern Procurement Services (SPS), it was attended by SPS operational staff, on operational areas in Latin America.

Erwing González, OSHA Technician from SPS with more than 18 years of experience as a paramedic in EMS and medical fields, was leading the workshop to different teams in the oil company.

González explained is a two-part induction, theory, and application. The first one is about high risks of facing Sulfuric Acid or Hydrogen Sulfide exposure (names of the H2S gas), later part is the accurate use of detection equipment and safety protection equipment.

“It has been an excellent experience, a very satisfactory one since we had high receptivity in each of the visited areas. All the workers have engaged and showed they absorbed knowledge in each instruction, “said González.

In the other hand, Esgleidy Escalona, OSHA ​​Analyst in SPS, stated that these programs are part of SPS policies which included training process of active members in dangerous operations in the field since H2S effects can be lethal in low concentrations and in worse cases in enclosed places.

Furthermore, he considers this as an extraordinary initiative, most of all because the main goal was achieved in each participant since real simulations were performed in different scenarios where an H2S leak could happen.

“As OSHA member, we will continue to promote these learning opportunities, not only in proper H2S use but also in other areas such as work permits, first aid, defensive driving, firefighting, confined spaces techniques, among others,” Escalona said.

Finally, one security analyst told that SPS is currently recruiting professionals in OSHA department to guarantee risk reduction, also to make security regulations applied in order to safeguard physical integrity of the entire company’s staff offshore and onshore, applied on different risks (chemicals waste, welds, others).