SPS obtains maximum qualification in evaluation done by its clients in Latin-American

SPS obtains maximum qualification

SPS obtains maximum qualification in evaluation done by its clients in Latin-American

This survey is focused on controlling risk associated to work execution and also to measure health, safety and environment performance

02-11-2018. SPS Press.- As part of the actions Southern Procurement Services works on to keep offering integral solutions to its clients, it continues update in functional and operative integrations.

Fond to this premise, SPS achieved the highest qualification in the fourth evaluations of environmental performance done by its clients in Latin-American.

The propose of this survey is to control the peril associated to projects execution, according to the specific environmental plant which is developed by SPS Health, Safety and Environment department.

That is to say, Southern Procurement Services obtained 100% of effectively, fulfilling all items’ demands.

SPS obtains maximum qualification

Among the factors which were considered in the evaluation, are resources’ safeguard, efficient and quality evaluation in the execution of the company’s operations.

Previous evaluations

It is worth highlighting that this is the fourth evaluation in which SPS participates as part of its Latin-American clients’ requirements.

SPS’ labor is furthermore recognized by fulfilling the standards and environment management evaluation, as well as Health, safe and environment requirements, achievements which allow the company to keep on positioning itself in a positive way in the oil, petrochemical and gas industry.

Before this evaluation, Southern Procurement Services also approved the one done in September with the highest qualification.

Previously, in April’s survey 2018, The regulatory authority awarded Southern Procurement Services with a qualification of a 100 % for meeting all the requirements.