SPS starts working on the oil production increasing in Latin America

By Motocompressor K-5 activation

SPS starts working on the oil production increasing in Latin America

Tasks included are full installation and maintenance of the motor compressor and electric submersible pump system

Posted on 10 July 2017.- Southern Procurement Services (SPS) continue working on the proper installation of equipment in Latin America, as part of a plan for increasing crude production.

It involves the installation and activation of K-5 moto compressor, specifically.

All the Project includes isometric pump lifting (full technical industry and conduits drawings included, done by the manufacturers and SPS’ mechanical specialist supervisor) for the ideal distribution of line entrances, a gas outlet starter, fuel gas, plus unloading gas distribution for oil extraction.

Whereas this Project encloses building material acquisition, such as laminas, steel flat, tubes, and angles, it also included walkways, gangway, structures and stairway building necessary for the entry of the monitoring and control boxings during unit operations.

Jordalys Guerrero, a quality coordinator in SPS, informed “Civilian job was finished, for example, puteal and wheelbarrow installation was done for unloading and maintenance of the motor compressor, now that has been placed on the spot by the company staff”

Now technical part is being carried out, which contains all mechanical task for the moto compressor activation, involving manufacture and welding all the feed lines for the equipment” pointed out Guerrero.

Additionally, the quality coordinator informed that there are 23 people working in the field, among technician, engineers, supervisors and other staff members of SPS. Control testing and later activation will be done by the internal staff of the company.

Moto compressor info in general

A motor-compressor is a unit in charge of the gas compressions from oil Wells for later initiated a gas injection to itself, so pressure gets a boost in reservoirs and then pushes crude to the surface.

This K-5 Moto compressor is already on the location, formwork, installed and ready for the activation.

Others SPS’ Projects

A new pull in is now being developing, this time with a progressive cavity pump (PCP), for posterior installation of a new PCP system.

It is about a centralized pull in (a device used for keep the pipe in the middle of the well), adding a sensor, the engine, maintenance seals, and lubrication, also implying fumes and submersible pumps.

Also, pipes interconnected with the PCP systems on the surfaces and ignition coil wiring pump were pulled out. For this well, in particular, 189 pipes 30 and 31 foot each were used, adding up a 5.790 inches depth tall approx, almost 1.800 meters.