SPS reactivated 16 oil wells and reached a production of 13.5 MBPD in southern Latin-American

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SPS reactivated 16 oil wells and reached a production of 13.5 MBPD in southern Latin-American

Operational days reduction in well services from 50 to 7 days, wells intervention through coiled tubing to increase production up to 3.100 barrels per day, are some of the most important 2018 milestones, informed SPS CEO, Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva

(17-12-2018, SPS press).- Thanks to cutting-edge technology implementing,  Southern Procurement Services (SPS) ratified its premise of providing integral solutions for the oil industry in 2018, increasing its clients’ crude oil production in southern Latin-America up to 13.500 barres per day.

A key resource which was conjugated with this Russian and Ukrainian technology to increase production, was highly trained professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the field, which was capable of shorten operational times from 50 to only seven days.

Photo: SPS Press

Commercial Arrangements

To that effect, SPS in alliance with Rimera Alans Group (One the biggest industries of complete electric centrifugal pump systems for oil production), installed an Electrical submersible pump (EPS) system, which allows to pump fluids from wellbores located in greater depts.

These bottom-hole systems are designed to be highly resistant to corrosive environments, and ease pressure and temperature monitoring thanks to its sensors, guaranteeing a highly performance in oil wells operations.

On the other hand, the commercial arrangement with Triol Corporation allowed us to count on variable speed drives VSD, which are considered the best option to control the performance of electrical submersible pumps through power frequency regulation of the system’s motor.

SPS CEO, Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva, manifested that ESP system is the best proposal for the final user, because it not only reduces the total cost of installing and maintenance but also it is possible to adjust and adapt to oil wells’ different needs, helping to maximize wells’ performance.

Photo: SPS Press

It is worth highlighting that this technology transference also included the training of SPS technical personnel and of its clients, to guarantee equipment’s optimum handling.

To that matter, Venezuelan’s entrepreneur informed that many certifications, with representatives from Triol, Alnas and Valiant, were done to ensure the clients’ full knowledge about the technology being implemented.

Oil well services

Another well service which Southern Procurement Services offered this 2018, was acid frac stimulation which made possible a production of 80 barrels per day, as well as a couple of interventions through coiled tubing, that allowed a production of 3.100 BPD.

To this labors, chemical (HCL) and mechanical cleansing is added up in addiction if a nitrogen induction.

Human Resources

As part of its annual balance, Chinchilla Da Silva also pointed up the work done with SPs collaborators through the Heath, Safety and Environment department.

In this way, the four evaluations done by its clients were approved with maximum qualifications, fulfilling all expectations in terms of safety and environment.

Finally, as part of its philosophy of Women inclusion in the oil industry, in 2018 37,76 % of human talent registered is Female, playing an important role in the company’s different areas.

Photo: SPS Press