Southern Procurement Services starts commercial agreement with Exceed Oilfield Equipment for Latin America operations

Commercial allies expansion

Southern Procurement Services starts commercial agreement with Exceed Oilfield Equipment for Latin America operations

This new arrangement provides different opportunities for new products and services outbreak in the Latin American oil’s market

(SPS Press. March 06, 2018).- Southern Procurement Services (SPS) established a commercial agreement with the American company Exceed Oilfield Equipment in order to boost crude production in Latin America, all this as part of a new international trade agreement for looking better integral solutions for the oil industry.

Exceed is positioned as one of the top suction rod manufactures, plus other components for Progressive Cavity Pumping (PCP) equipment.

Jerry Carreño, Procurement director in SPS informed this new union will allow the Aquisition of all mechanical body part for PCP constructions, devices that offer an effective operation method in the artificial viscosity fluids lifting with a lower energy consumption.

“Exceed rods and other products have a great performance in intense torsion demanding situations, and it can be used in vertical wells with bending áreas in BCP pumps. This advantage has taken them to fill international markets with their products, such as Australia, Canada, China, USA and now through SPS, is trying to reach out in Latin America”.

Jeffrey Carreño, Procurement Director of SPS evaluates Exceed teams (Photo: SPS Press)

Relying on the previous comment, Procurement director confirmed that this agreement makes a potential expansion in the wide range of suppliers, which places SPS in a global position to offer the best service for their clients worldwide.

“We want to open our range to offer solutions in the oil industry around the globe, and all these covenants are done with that intention. With this insight, we have determined Exceed will be with SPS in the next two international events, in this case, Expo Venezuela Potential 2018 in Caracas Venezuela, and in Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) 2018 in Houston, Texas US. Events where we can show all our potential performances in the oil areas”, concluded Carreño.

SPS-Exceed meeting (Photo: SPS Press)

Edwin Lopez, Business Development in Exceed Oilfield Equipment in Latin American, affirmed that is very satisfied y grateful for this opportunity, now they can walk alongside with Southern Procurement Services on Latin American operations.

“This exclusive agreement will allow us to include products of high quality on the Latin America market, starting with countries such as Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. This will push forward to a better development and expansion of our business ” added Lopez.