Rosneft’s subsidiary recevies SPS support in production bypass for corrective maintenance.


Rosneft’s subsidiary recevies SPS support in production bypass for corrective maintenance.

SPS’s work support production in bypass for corrective maintenance.

(03-05-2018, SPS Press) .- Gross treatment production was interrupted due to maintenance services on Operation center in Rosneft’s subsidiary, for that so, Southern Procurement Services (SPS) provide qualified staff to deal with the emergency by applying temporary solutions in the plant.

The event happened on last Friday, when repairing projects in the oil fields were delayed due to inconvenience in the equipment acquisition. After it was announced, Immediately SPS collaborators began operations to solve the situation and keep up the production in the company.

SPS Western Service Director, Micke Chavez, explained that because of maintenance services in the field, it was impossible to treat oil in the plant. “It is about 80 thousand barrels of diluted oil that cannot be processed. You can not degas or dehydrate to get out clean production from the plant, “the engineer explained.

In response, SPS provides support through manufacturing interconnections for gross production bypassing towards a Chinese Nacional Petroleum Company (CNPC) subsidiary.

These interconnections include branches for the installation of a temporary separator to lead production to tempory tanks and later connect it to the pipeline destined to the plant owned by CNPC.

In this way, once again SPS offers integrated solutions to its customers in order to raise and keep up gross production, in every country in Latin America. SPS is the Latin America exclusive representative of more than 300 worldwide leading brands, which allows us to provide the best technology and equipment for the oil industry such as ESP Systems, PCP systems, VSD Drivers, Tubing, Pipe Lines, Flexible Pipes, Casing, Power Cables, Transformers, Gas Motor-Compressors, Valves, among others.