SPS staff visited a medical center in western South America

In Maracaibo

SPS staff visited a medical center in western South America

In the most beautiful time of the year, Southern Procurement Services (SPS) took a day to share solidarity, and part of its Christmas agenda was to bring smiles to children from San Rafael medical center and Pediatric Specialty Hospital in western South America.

The British company Southern Procurement Services currently operating in South America brought joy and hope to those who need it most.

During this sweet activity, more than 100 children from both institutions enjoyed a fun day full of snacks, music, and gifts, alongside SPS staff.


Frank Alfonso, SPS Commercial Manager in the Western Division, said: “It is a pleasure to carry out these activities where we have the opportunity to bring joy to the most in need. From Southern Procurement Services family, we thank these institutions for allowing us to be part of this beautiful work. ”

Furthermore, Yamila Lavernia, SPS Public Relations Coordinator, explained: “For me, it is an honor to be part of a company where social responsibility and social investing are integrated on their institutional values.”


On the other hand, Anis Ríos, president of the Guerreros por la Vida Foundation, said: “We are grateful, and we are blessed with SPS for having supported us in today’s activity with our children. This Christmas motto is: a smile for a warrior and SPS made smile our warriors.”

This is how Christmas is celebrated in SPS, bringing solidarity love and hope to those most in need, sharing a true desire for union and peace for all the children in South America.