SPS executes necessary adjustments to the sweetening plant in order to eliminate sulphur from the crude

Sweetening plant

SPS executes necessary adjustments to the sweetening plant in order to eliminate sulphur from the crude

Southern Procurement Services counts with highly qualify personnel, which work on the detection, improvement and start-up of the filtering system in sweetening plant, which has the processing capability of 5 thousand crude oil barrels with a high content of Hydrogen Sulphide

(28-08-2018, SPS Press).- In pursuit of increasing crude oil production in Southern Latin-America, Southern Procurement Services (SPS) is working on spools and flange modifications as part of the integral solutions it offers to its clients.

Rusber Villalobos, pipeline laying, repairing and production leader of SPS, who was in charge of the operations developed in the sweetening plant, explained that during the corresponding evaluation, many corroded flanges and pipes were found.

“Spool and flange adjustments in the sulphur filtering system of the oil wells in this Southern Latin-America oilfield, is necessary for a safely management of oil production. “We count on highly trained personnel to detect, improve and put the filter into optimum operation” the Engineer highlighted.

Planta de endulzamiento
Sulphur Filtering System’s optimization, is necessary to the safety production management in this oilwells. Photo: SPS Press

Sweetening Plant

The Engineer specified that this plant could process 5 Thousand crude oil barrels with H2S per day and deliver it with up to 20 parts per million (ppm).

“This process consists in the crude’s sweetening through temperatures, meanwhile the Gas is sweetened through reactors” He continued Explaining.

Villalobos also informed that; SPS team, specialized in mechanical, electrical and instrumental engineering, is working on the plant’s general maintenance in order to boost the production.

Moreover, it was reported that the examined equipment were, the boiler, fan cooler, fire control system and general infrastructure as though the optimization and the lubrication of all the electrical and mechanical valves.

sweetening plant
This sweetening plant has a capability of processing 5 thousand crude oil barrels per day with a high content of H2S. Photo: SPS Press

It is worth highlighting that; built on the premise of providing integral solution to the oil industry SPS specializes in the supply, installation, operation and maintenance of bottom hole and surface equipment for the artificial lifting of oil wells.

SPS experience has been demonstrated by crude oil production increase in South America, as well as services to the oil well, electric transformers installation, Electro submersible pump systems and gas compressors, all of them controlled by the best variable speed drivers available in the market.