Manuel Chinchilla: “The SPS service integrates the entire oil production chain”

Venezuelan businessman

Manuel Chinchilla: “The SPS service integrates the entire oil production chain”

Southern Procurement Services counts on highly qualified and experienced staff with international companies and alliances with leading technology-providing companies

(Caracas, 10-09-2017. SPS Press).- According to recent agreements and alliances awarded by Venezuelan state oil company, Petróleos de Venezuela (Pdvsa) SA, Manuel Chinchilla, CEO of Southern Procurement Services (SPS) believes that the key to the future of this sector in Venezuela lies in the investment.

In this sense, SPS proposes a comprehensive business plan, with an unconventional economic model, to guarantee installation, technology transfer, maintenance, operability and optimization of resources, exceeding customer expectations.

“We have demonstrated that with non-conventional business mechanisms you can increase production and achieve opportunities to meet market needs,” said Manuel Chinchilla SPS CEO.

Chinchilla also states that the company is changing paradigms since the company he represents intends to manage projects whose service payments will be against incremental. That is to say, the private investment conditions the facilities so that the production of crude oil recovers and the remuneration of the investment is subordinated to the levels of barrels that are obtained as a result of the business mechanisms.

“We are working to get production up and demonstrate that we can help the main industry in Venezuela to get ahead. We are one of the few companies that has highly qualified personnel, Venezuelans, English, Americans and Russians technicians and engineers, as part of the technological exchange between the manufacturers who come to see the reality of our fields to adapt their equipment to the Venezuelan reality ” , said Chinchilla.

He also pointed out that its efficiency is based on the analysis and previous diagnosis made by SPS to each situation presented by the client. This includes from the evaluation of the reservoirs, facilities, operational facilities and the generation of optimal results through an effective and economic solution to increase production.

In addition, the SPS CEO made it clear that part of SPS ‘objectives is to “sow oil in the lives of non-oil“, as it happens in the big cities of the world, where private capital invests in culture and education.

“We are now – I do not want to overtake details – developing a technology transfer headquarters, not only for companies and trained professionals, but for children and people who are not linked to the world of oil. Our purpose is to create an environment where we can convey what we are and where we are going. we consider that if we succeed in implementing it and that other entrepreneurs will join the idea, we will change the environment. ”

Meanwhile, Manuel Chinchilla asserted that he will continue to carry out projects for the uprising of oil production in western Venezuela, as well as the Orinoco Oil Belt “Hugo Chavez” and in the west of the country -these last two of the hand of Weatherford International and Halliburton respectively- to guarantee the exploration and effective exploitation of the deposits in the Latin American country.