Southern Procurement Services and Triol Corporation strengthen relationships

Oil industry

Southern Procurement Services and Triol Corporation strengthen relationships


The Russian leading brand in electrical engineering, joins the representations that supports the comprehensive solutions that SPS guarantees to customers in Venezuela.

Commercial partners for the oil industry, Southern Procurement Services (SPS) and Triol Corporation, come together to provide the hydrocarbon industry with highly adaptable, automated and cost-competitive equipment with technical support and innovation.

The Russian company Triol Corporation created in the early 90’s, it’s an endorsement in engineering services with worldwide experience and recognition in the oil industry. Triol is positioned in more than 12 countries with its products of artificial lift, submersible equipment and equipment of low and medium voltage.



Transfer of technology

Through this agreement, the integral service providers participate in the development and execution of projects in the Orinoco Oil Belt and the Urdaneta-Lago Field in Zulia state.

After several visits to operational headquarters and production facilities of Petróleos de Venezuela (Pdvsa) made by a specialized multidisciplinary group from Triol Corporation and SPS, they recorded the needs of the customer and adapated the equipment to their requirements to meet the specific demands.

As a quality assurance in its services, SPS’s specialized technicians receive timely training on all the equipment they supply and install, the agreement also provides technical training of Venezuelan personnel at Triol facilities in Ukraine.

SPS currently supplies Pdvsa with frequency inverters which are used in BES systems, both in the Ayacucho Division of the Orinoco Oil Belt, as well as in Tía Juana in the Simon Bolivar municipality in Zulia state to provide The ideal configuration for the required jobs. They also develop new projects for the effectiveness and increase of volumes in the production of the well.

This is how the contribution of the private company to the national oil industry is demonstrated, with specialized technical support and proven experience.