Variable Speed Drives as an effective resource of energy control

Variable Speed Drives as an effective resource of energy control

Equipment reliability is crucial in any industry, but is especially important in oil and gas operations, where every minute of uptime counts and lost production time carries costly consequences

Variable speed drives (VSDs) are tailored to the unique requirements of electrical submersible pumps (ESPs) and surface pumping systems. these devices control the speed of electric motors to match the task in hand, saving power and improving performance in industrial plants.

VSDs are effective in energy savers in pump applications; enhancing process operations, particularly where flow control is involved.

VSDs provide soft-start capabilities, which decrease electrical stresses and line voltage sags associated, especially when driving high-inertia loads.

Production, distribution and refining applications in the oil and gas industry rely heavily on motor-driven pumps and pumping systems. Keeping electric motors driving critical operations at peak performance is vital to ensure maximum profitability.

Variable Speed Drives

The vast majority of these motors are used to power fans, pumps and compressors. Most of these applications operate at constant speed, all the time, even when not needed, using throttles or valves to control the flow of fluids or gases. They waste huge amounts of energy and produce large quantities of CO2 emissions – unnecessarily.

For continuous motor performance, engineers are focusing on variable frequency drive (VFD) and motor control technology. Because of their ability to regulate motor speed, VFDs are effective for controlling energy use.

As part of the technology transference agreement between Triol Corporation  and Southern Procurement Services (SPS) , the Russian company provided a practical session of Technical Training Course for the Installation and Maintenance of Variable Speed Drivers (VSD) systems .

This program is part of the actions that SPS offers in order to provide better opportunities for workers in the oil industry.