SPS evaluates Water Treatment and Desalination project along Jordan

water treatment and desalination

SPS evaluates water treatment and desalination project along Jordan

Southern Procurement Services representatives got together with Hashemite-Kingdom’s Minister of Water and Irrigation (MWI) Lyad Dahiyat to evaluate projects focused on the vital-liquid’s management

(16-11-2018. SPS PRESS).- Within the frame work of the technical visit done by Southern Procurement Services (SPS) commission to Jordan fields, business possibilities were evaluated alongside the Arabic nation focused on water treatment and desalination.

This visit is part of the actions SPS is working on in order to broaden its operational extent to Middle East, in which highlights crude oil exploration and exploitation coupled with Jordan Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources.

To that effect, together with general secretary of Jordan’s Minister of Water and Irrigation Lyad Dahiyat, projects which will allow to identify opportunities for water wells drilling, treatment and desalination as well as facilities for handling it, were evaluated.

It is about a project which suggest water wells’ drilling up to 5.000 feet deep so that water may be desalinated and purified in order to be transfer to Amman, Jordan’s capital.

water treatment and desalination

Crude oil exploration and exploitation

In this same Arabic nation, Southern Procurement Services participates in a tendering process for crude oil exploration and exploitation, in which company such as Total, Pakistan Petroleum and Jordan Shale Oil Company figurate.

SPS pre-qualification in the tendering process is an important milestone for the company, because trough this the company’s experience in services and operations is evidenced.